“Coming Out” — or, “Will I pass?” Confidence is Key!

Confidence is key!

The question every #TS has at some time whether it is a M2F or F2M. “Will I ‘pass’ when I go out in public?”

You dress, you look into the mirror, and the image before you is the best you can do.” “I’m ready.” You say to yourself. Then you take the chance, and you open the door, take a chance, leave the house, and go out in public. Deep down you are wondering if you will pull it off.

Will the person you pass on the street see you M2F, as female? or F2M, as a male? or, will some way you look, sound, or move, give you away? After all, this is new to you. You have not had a chance to perfect it yet. …. but you do it.

Confidence is key!

“It seems to be working.” you say to yourself. “It seems no one guesses what I have gone through to get here, in this moment.” You feel you are managing to ‘pass’. “What’s next?” you think to yourself. You head for the Ladies/Mens Room.”¬† Read the chapter in my book, “Coming Out”

#coming out #fear #confidence #success #M2F #F2M #trans #Ladies #restroom #Mens #TeenTrans #crossdresser how did you handle this difficult challenge? Please share your success story, tips, how-to, words of encouragement. Mostly, #words_of_encouragement  #personalvictory

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