#Hetero #Significant_other, #wife did you suspect your #husband had #TSsecret before he came out to you?

Believe me, Keeping the Secret is Harder Than Telling the Truth

J managed to keep his #TSsecret from me. It is important to say here, that as betrayed as we might feel in the initial discovery of the TSsecret, it is not a secret that any person, or that the TS truly ever wants to keep. It is agony for any person to spend his/her life feeling that he or she can not be their true selves.

We feel betrayed when we learn that there was a part of them they never shared with us. We question “Did I ever know you at all?” and, “How can this happen if we love each other?” Trust seems to have shattered. But, it is important that I point out, that in many cases, it does not mean that your husband meant to betray your relationship, or that he loves YOU any less. In fact, that he often keeps his TSsecret because he loves YOU more than he loves himself. Comments? #TSsecret, #betrayal, #secret, #trueselves, #TG, #TG, #LGBT, #hetero, #relationships #feelings

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