#Trans M2F or F2M – Begin #HRT …in #secret …before #comingout?

HRT – Often Hidden

#M2F or #F2M wants to begin #hormone replacement therapy, but has not come out to wife/spouse, husband/boyfriend, or significant other. Should he or she begin HRT before coming out? What HRT emotional changes or HRT physical changes can he or she expect? and how soon?

Since posting this, I have had many views, so I am aware that this is a common topic of concern. Thought I would add to the post.

Often the trans M2F does not tell their partner they are using HRT. They may “dabble” with the idea. ‘Dabbling’ means, start/stop, start/stop, several times before finally decide to go forward M>F. Hormones can have remarkable effects on the human body. Feminization or masculinization (F>M) occurs over time. For the M>F skin softening and lack of muscle tone, with some breast changes occur over the first 3-6 months. But how quickly physical changes occur is determined by individual response to hormone therapy. Psychological changes which I will consider for this post as “mood changes/swings” can also occur. This can be exemplified in the M>F as ‘depression’ or a ‘lady term’ “PMS-ing” to name a couple. In F>M, it is my understanding from others that it can be seen as ‘depression’ and unusual aggression

I cannot say that damage to our relationship didn’t happen during these times of #secrets because the erratic behavior was unexplained. I honestly don’t know that J even realized how much he ‘changed’ during these episodes, or how this unexplained behavior effected me. The usual result on the trans partner is sadness, concern, frustration over the behavior which is not understand and personal questions – ‘What did I do?” My suggestion is, be honest with your partner. When you decide to try HRT, be up front and don’t keep it a secret.

Please share your thoughts and your experience. #secret #honesty #HRTtherapy #HRT #HRT_emotional_changes #HRT_physical_changes #self_medicating #comingout #M2F #F2M #mood #depression #aggression #confusion #sadness #love #T #estrogen

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One thought on “#Trans M2F or F2M – Begin #HRT …in #secret …before #comingout?

  1. Some men who desire to transition, begin HRT (hormone replacement therapy) prior to coming out to wife or significant other. While this is not recommended, it happens. Some of the first physical changes noticeable may be skin softening, lack of muscle tone, decrease in libido, and breast development. Changes in mood, elation, depression, and mood swings can occur. As a significant other, you may begin to have a sense of confusion at his moody behavior, or his fascination with his mirror image. If you are a significant other who did not know that her husband/boyfriend was a TS and you later discovered he was on hormone therapy, when you didn't know, would you be kind enough to comment on this subject with regard to "what you noticed" — I term it "something changed, but I couldn't put my finger on it." Many, TS and significant others may benefit from your insight. I ask this in support of honesty and communication for all concerned in the TS process. #HRT #honesty #communication #comingout

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