#HIV – unwitting exposure – Things to Think About

Say “NO!” to Risky Behavior

No one wants to contract HIV. However,risky sex behavior can put not only yourself at risk, but your unsuspecting spouse,wife,sexual partner.

Expect one of the first questions your significant other will ask when you come out with your Transsecret, will be “Are you Gay?” followed in quick succession with, “Have you had sex with men?” and then, a realization, that that type of sexual exposure, or any sexual activity outside of your exclusive committed relationship with her, may have put you both at HIV risk.

Whether you have had risky sexual exposure, or if you have never been tested for HIV, before you have your “I want to be a woman” talk with your significant other, get tested. Have the paper results in hand when you have your talk with her.

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, 84% of women contracting HIV in the US have contracted HIV through heterosexual sex. 22% of women in the US fear that they might contract HIV.

In my own case, I questioned J with regard to risky sexual behavior with anyone – gay men, or others. Like many people are, having never been tested, he was in fear-based denial. In my book, I write about my fears, my feelings, and what happens.

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  1. There is a new movie coming out staring Mathew McConaughey in which he plays a hetero male who discovers he has HIV/AIDS…Thank you to Mathew for helping to bring the plight of HIV/AIDS victims to the spotlight once again!

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