“Purging” – Keeping his Transsexual desire a secret.

Honesty is the best policy.  

As a significant other, you would think, that after time, we would ‘catch on’ that our husband or boyfriend has the desire to be female. In fact, one of the things J said to me in a burst of defensive anger, was “You should have known!” But I didn’t.

As I thought back about it, questioning myself “Why didn’t I see it?”, I realized I didn’t see it because he did so well at hiding his secret.

The only “physical evidence” I had ever seen in six years was a tube of lipstick laying on the bathroom counter that wasn’t mine. When I asked J, “Where did this come from?”. Wondering why another woman had been at the apartment, his response had been that his ex had stopped by to talk with him, and she must have left it. I did not pick up on the fact that when he took it from my hand, J tossed it into a drawer, instead of the wastebasket.

It also came out that J did what he said was a common practice for the M>F trans keeping his secret. He would purchase makeup and clothing when he had the need to dress as female, commonly use business trips which he took out of state 2 or 3 times a year, for this practice. He would “purge” before he came home, disposing of all of the womanly items in an airport wastebasket. He was very careful to make sure that I never saw evidence of his M>F secret desire.

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