The makeup was perfect.. The bra? Not so much….

Seeing J dressed in drag, with makeup applied better than I could have done, I realized, “he” at the time, did not need any help. (But if you do, for a “how to” watch the makeup video in sidebar)

When it came to buying a bra, however, J was at a loss. (For a M2F trans pondering how to find the right one, try this video in the sidebar on for size.)

As far as ‘where to go”, I suggest starting in major department stores such as JC Penny and Macy’s. These stores are usually well-equipped to fit most women with styles, from sports bras, to functional, sexy and pretty, in colors, fabrics, patterns, lace, underwires, and spandex. Choices, choices…and, at average pricing.

Sales women with years of experience are usually available, and will help you with sizing. Boutiques, and Victoria’s Secret are also options. I have found, however, that sizing in boutiques and at Victoria’s Secret may be different than the average bra store, and prices higher, so be prepared. Once you know your size, another good option can be Target for inexpensive bras. Bra prices can fluctuate anywhere from $12.00 to $85+.

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