The transparent window on a dark closet’s wall… over 10,000 views and counting…

Thank You! from me to you, for your participation in my blog, if only by viewing.  I know how difficult it is to ‘come out’…your view has been enough to keep me writing in an effort to share my story. I hope it helps you.

Writing about a subject that for many people is still ‘behind closed doors’ in the US, I am gratified to find, blog views have been coming in from all around the world: UK, Russia, Canada, China, South Korea, Ireland, Germany, France, and South America. This has motivated me to keep writing and to share my story.

When I give public open mic readings to audiences of the ‘average man/woman on the street’ I have often been approached by people who say, “My brother did that,” or, “My wife left me for a woman.”  Or, “I know a person at work that changed.” Most end their statements with “I don’t get it,” but each wants to talk.  I learn their interest is more than curiosity, there is a desire to understand.  To me, this is proof that education, information, and conversation needs to be had.

I hope, ultimately, the inquiries show a willingness to want to know, to change old ideas, and adjust perceptions.

Thank you for sharing your views!  Your views are encouraging a transparent window into what has been a dark closet’s wall!

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