I’d Like to Introduce you to Julie Feinstein Adams as She Tells Her Story Through Comedic Expression

I learned about Julie’s journey through her comedy entitled “WTF – Solo Showdown Comedy“.  You can watch Julie’s comedic performance by clicking on the title of the performance in which she shares so many of her thoughts and observations.  Heartfelt moments.

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your story.

NOTE:  This is an age-restricted video. You must be 18 to view. Thank you.


My Journey as an Author by Diana Kelly

To those of you who have visited my website I say, “thank you”.  To those reading my blog, I want to say that I have appreciated your comments.  I only wish I have had the time to be more responsive, and I hope to be able to make more comments in the future.

I never considered myself a writer prior to my experience with “J”.  But as as my relationship with “J” began to take on a life of its own, I searched for information and found little.  in fact, nothing much was known about what it meant to be transgender, let alone what it meant to be transsexual.  As I experienced “J’s” transition, and tried to support “J”, I wished for support for myself.  I had fears and along with those fears came questions I had no one to ask of for answers.

My fears and lack of information often undermined my responses to “J” who I loved and wanted to be supportive of. I just did not know what “J” needed.

Searching for clarification and insight, I quickly realized there was a need for information for significant others.  I forged ahead and struggled to find answers on my own.  I don’t say I took the right course of action, but I took the paths that presented themselves. I came to the conclusion that perhaps if I spoke out, shared my experience, maybe I could help others who might find themselves in a similar situation.  I felt the best course of action was to write a book.  Decision made, I began.   Sounds simple?   Ha!  It wasn’t.

I struggled for four years just to write the first sentence on paper.  One pulls memoir deep from within the inner self. I found that I had to confront more than the story of our relationship in writing the book, I had to expose my own self.  Fears set in.  Who would listen?  Would anyone really want to know our story?   I began to fear the reaction of family and friends, let alone ‘the world’.   And then, one day, I  knew I what I needed to say:  “I am an ordinary woman.”   

And in explaining that “J” was not an “ordinary man”,  my journey, and our extraordinary story unfolds, one chapter at a time.

Nearly fourteen years later, I published “The Sky Turned Green & The Grass Turned Blue:  Diane’s Story” which I hope may help you on your journey to understanding.  You can find my book on in paperback and on Kindle.  You can also purchase my book in almost any e-book format through, and can request it through Barnes and Noble Books. San Francisco independent booksellers carry my book as does Sausalito Books by the Bay in Sausalito, CA. and Compass Books at the San Francisco Airport, terminals 2 and 3.



PODCASTS about “The Sky Turned Green & The Grass Turned Blue: Diane’s Story”

I am happy to say that I have done podcasts about my book which are available.

Please check them out!!


Scott Calhoun of The Inner Typewriter, did an interview with me on writing “Memoir”  and what it took to write the book.

Creative Happy Hour Podcast has also done two YouTube Podcasts with me and you can find it under their “Creative Conversations with Author, Diana Kelly”  and “Change & Creativity, Resilience and Using Change to be More Creative“.   It is also available on iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts.

Film maker/Podcaster, Tony Gapastione,  of BraveMaker Podcasts interviewed me on his BraveMaker Podcasts, Podcast No. 9 and this can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, as well as, Stitcher and Spotify.

Additionally, Melinda Adams, LilyCat and Stuff, at interviewed me twice on the subject(s) of Transsexuality and BDSM (bondage, submission, sadism and masochism)

February 17, 2019 –

and May 5, 2019 –

Each podcaster approaches their questions about the book in a unique way.  I hope you will take time out to listen, and if you will subscribe. I loved doing these podcasts. THANK YOU, PODCASTERS!!


The Sky Turned Green & The Grass Turned Blue – Diane’s Story

The Sky Turned Green and The Grass Turned Blue – Diane’s Story
(My Personal Journey as the Significant Other to an M2F Transsexual)

The  book is available on in Paperback and Kindle ebook

INTENT: Support for the significant others of transsexuals and transgender, to advocate the necessity of being your authentic self, and to share information with others. By this, I hope to support your own journey, or add to your understanding of the journey of someone you know.

ABOUT ME: I was a 45-year-old heterosexual woman, divorced with children, when I met Jack and fell in love. Seven years into our relationship, he confided his secret desire–Jack wanted to be a woman. Before his disclosure, I had no reason to suspect his interest. It was a shocking surprise! It was the decade of the 1990’s. Little information was available to help ME understand ‘Why’ and ‘What next”. Not only was Jack in transition, but by virtue of the circumstance, so was I. Guided by my heart, I began a journey of my own. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I challenged my attitudes and belief systems, as well as, my own sexual orientation to help me decide ‘Do I stay, or do I go”?

Thank you for your interest in this subject matter and my story.

Lesbian or Gay? and your significant other has come out to you as transgender wanting to identify as either male or female?

Are You Questioning Your Own Sexual Identity?

I have written this blog from the perspective of a heterosexual female who discovers her male significant other wants to identify as female. However, I have spoken to many lesbian women who find their lesbian partner wishes to be a male, and gay men, who find the man they love, wants to be a female. When it comes to accepting your significant  other as transsexual, we all experience some of the similar thoughts, feelings and questions.

Some Lesbian women have said they begin to question their own sexual identity when faced with a partner F>M. Some gay men expressed they wondered if they would still be attracted to their partner when he became she. The visual aspect for many men is a huge factor of attraction. These are only two of the myriad of thoughts that go through the mind of a significant other whether you are gay, lesbian or heterosexual when a partner makes this change. If you are cisgender, lesbian or a gay man and are experiencing, or have experienced this situation, I would appreciate your comments. Let your experience be insight for someone else. #gay #lesbian #trans #question #gender #identity #sexualpreference #attraction #significant_other #cisgender #LGBTQI

What Would You Do? Father Confronts Transgender Teen Son

This “What Would You Do?” is a staged situation produced by ABC News and John Quinones. A father unable to accept his teen transgender son who is in transition M>F confronts the son in a public place. Scenes set up to discover what on-lookers would do if they witnessed this type of event.

Worth a watch! ABC News Video is available on my Resources page under Videos

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Transgender Child and Being One’s Authentic Self

No One Said Parenting Was Easy

Parents and transgender children: I do not have much information on this site for transgender children and their parents, as it is not within my own experience. But, as an ally, and seeing this attached video produced by the Transgender Law Center, I believe it might be a wonderful positive support to the challenges transgender children and their parents face. I hope anyone viewing will see how important it is to be one’s authentic self.

I also highly recommend the book on my resource list called The Transgender Child, A Handbook for Families and Professionals by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper, to help answer your questions about your trans or gender variant child.

I often think about J in regard to “if J had been able to come out earlier in life as transgender, how different her life would be” and hope that all transchildren will be able to pursue their authentic self at the point of their discovery. I feel the flexibility of youth has to have its positive effect on the long-term physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual result for the transsexual. That said, it still isn’t an easy journey for the child nor the parent.

If you think it is difficult for an adult to come out to those they love when they hold the power of adulthood, imagine the fear and confusion a child may have! It can be particularly difficult for a parent, I understand that, you may feel you are losing a son or a daughter. Children, however, feel that if they come out to their parents, they will lose the parent. For an older child, this can be an unbelievable source of pain. All I can add is, try to be informed, educated, knowledgeable and supportive toward your child. Show a willingness to listen, understand, and encourage communication. He or she needs you now as a parent, more than they ever have, as they go through this transition.

If, as a parent you would like to do a blog post to address your concerns on this site, please do so. #teentrans #transchild #transparent #mom #dad #gendervariant_child #child #parent #love #authenticself #change #shine #children #transgender

The “White Bird” — The Need for Personal Freedom

Wanting the freedom for self

The study below, published January 28, 2014, by Emily A. Reyes in the Los Angeles Times, speaks to a Transgender Study which looks at the “exceptionally high” suicide attempt rate among the transgender. It is 9x the US average. 41% of transgender individuals have attempted suicide. For more information about this study, please go to the link.

Coming through my own confusion of non-understanding, I came to realize that J was a “White Bird”. He>She only wanting to have freedom for self. (Represented by analogy, through the music of Vanessa Mae) Available on YouTube at

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